Rihanna is newsworthy. To a point, Chris Brown is newsworthy. But, it's not very often that I think of Ronald Fenty, Rihanna's dad, as being newsworthy. In fact, he really isn't, but he's made a statement so ludicrous that I had to name him "Wendy's Douche Of The Day" today. You're probably asking yourself, "what on Earth could he have said to earn him such a title?". Well guys, according to good old Ronald, Chris Brown is just a downright nice guy. He's just misunderstood. Give me a freakin' break.

Now, let's recap the Chris/RhiRhi saga briefly, shall we? Back in '09, Chris beat Rihanna up, and was convicted of doing so. The pair broke up, and we thought we were safe to hate him forever and be glad that Rihanna was no longer with him. But, no. Rihanna and Chris got back together, and have even been rumored to be engaged. This is where Rihanna's douchetastic dad comes into play.

Ronald has made a statement to The Sun about Chris, saying,

Chris made a mistake … a terrible one. But I’m a great believer that everybody deserves a second chance and Chris is no different. Everybody has had their say about her and Chris but it is up to her to find her own way. Chris has always been polite and kind to me and treated me with respect. That’s all you can ask from your daughter’s boyfriend.

You know what else you can ask of your daughter's boyfriend, Ronald? You can ask that he doesn't do such impolite things as beat the crap out of her! I mean, I think most dads appreciate that trait when it comes to guys that date their daughters. But Ron, being the douche that he is, doesn't seem to think that's important. He just wants you to say "please" and "thank you".