Rihanna is taking her style to the next level I guess. Is this what a woman with style would really do? Ugh! Rihanna stepped out for dinner at NYC's Da Silvano Sunday night letting it all hang out, as you can tell in the picture. Rihanna decided on a see-through mesh top that didn't cover her womanhood completely, but she didn't seem to mind, and I'm sure many others didn't as well. She paired the top with ripped jeans and casual boots for dinner with friends, I guess that part is ok, but I'm not a fashion expert. I may be wrong, but isn't keeping it secret sexy as well?

All I know from watching video is that the star briefly tried to cover her assets when she saw a paparazzi as she left the restaurant, but then took her hands away and smiled as she jumped into her waiting SUV. Rihannas style has gotten to be more and more racy in the past weeks, and she's even been known to upload a topless pic or two to Twitter. But has she taken it too far with the age of her core fan? What do you think of her barely there top? Is it Hot or Not? Leave your comments below.