I love Aaron Paul. I've loved him since the first episode of "Breaking Bad" aired. I've been sad since the show ended because I haven't been able to get my weekly Aaron Paul fix, so I started following him on Twitter and Instagram just so that I could see his smiling face more often.

Another little known fact about me is that I also kind of love Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty. Well, it turns out that Aaron, Rob, and everyone's favorite Ghostbuster Bill Murray all attended the same concert last night in New York City. What happens when these three forces collide? An awesome photo, of course.

Aaron Paul kinda fangirled out over seeing Murray at the Kings Of Leon concert in NYC. So much so that he tweeted about it and asked for advice.

Frankly, he probably should have done all three of those things.

I thought that was going to be the end of it, until I logged on to Twitter this morning and saw this post from Rob Thomas.

Even Daughtry was jealous!