Fresh fruits and vegetables are a staple of summer in West Michigan.  Fortunately, we are blessed with an abundance of farmers markets to choose from when it is time to shop.  But which West Michigan farmers market is the best?

American Farmland Trust is searching for the best farmers markets in every state.  They are also looking for the best in the nation.  West Michigan is doing well in both categories.

Voting is not over until August 31, but Rockford Farmers Market is performing very well nationally against other "small" farmers markets.  Rockford is also the highest ranked in all of Michigan with more than twice as many votes as the next 4 farmers markets combined.

Fulton Street Farmers Market and Holland Farmers Market also made the top 5 in Michigan.

The dominance of Rockford is amazing.  Is the the result of ballot stuffing?  Or is Rockford Farmers Market really that good?  Vote for your favorite here!