Today you can stop by R.A.D.E. Tactics to snag tickets to my Sleepover on Saturday!

While you're there ...get ready to defend yourself! Joe and Angel Walker know all of the right moves to help you prepare for the worst case scenario whether it be standing up to a bully or learning how to think on your feet to avoid or get out of a life threatening situation.

I put on my tough girl fleece pajamas and headed to Rade Tactics in Hudsonville thinking I was going to pose for a couple of  cutesy photos to share with all of you, and ended-up learning The Salute (defense against punches), the Knee Check (groin kicks!!), something called the Finger Flick (you have to come to the sleepover to learn this crazy, life saving move) and the Straight Blast (3-5 rapid punches)!

Joe and Angel have been teaching defense classes for over three years and have a passion to help kids to women of all ages how to protect themselves.  Joe was trained by Thomas Cruse - a world renowned U.S. Navy Seal instructor!

You'll get to meet this dynamic duo at my Sleepover on May 14th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  I've asked them to teach a couple of the tactics they shared with me because I think it's always a good idea to be able to defend yourself and others from harms way.  If you want to know more about Rade -- Real Aggressive Defense and Escape -- you can check out their website for driving directions or call them at 616-272-8839.

BTW, make sure you tuck away a 10-spot to purchase Michigan-approved Sabre Red pepper spray.

To reserve your room for you and three of your friends go to .  Each person in your room will be in a drawing to win a pair of tickets to see Katy Perry at Van Andel Arena on September 11th!  Each room also comes with an appetizer tray, beverage tickets and many more pampering perks!

See you at my Sleepover!!