Did you get an invitation to my Sleepover on Saturday, May 14th?

Consider yourself totally invited, BUT make sure you have reserved your room at Crowne Plaza Hotel by clicking here.    

Now that I've taken care of business -- I got to thinking about the best Sleepover movies of all time.  Here are my picks, so far (You may have to add to it!!):

Top Gun starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.  I freaked out about Val, the Iceman, in this movie and learned everything I could about him.  Now I hear that he is 'difficult' to work with, but who am I to make a call on such gossip!  He's still cute. 

Sixteen Candles melts me everytime the final scene rolls around.  It's actually super hard not to fast forward to the end!  Jake Ryan, a.k.a. Michael Schoeffling, was soooo hot and was all teddy bear.  I hear he got out of acting after this movie, but he did have a half-dozen or so roles before he called it quits in 1991.  Now he's a full time daddy of two teens who live in Virginia! (Photo via filmsite.org/chickflicks3)

Flashdance is a 'hear me roar, I am woman' movie.  I can still hear Jennifer Beals (Alexandra Owens) say quote, "I don't want you buying me anything. I don't want you buying me, period!"  Another words, there is no taming this welder-by-day and exotic dancer-by-night.   Although I was seriously horrified that she took her bra off in front of  Michael Nouri (Nick)  I did pick up on how to do it!  I wanted to live in a warehouse, dress like Alex, and most of all -- to dance like her!

Girls Just Want To Have Fun Enough said, it's the theme of Sabrina's Sleepover!  One cool thing to share is that a few years ago, I got to meet Cyndi Lauper, who made the title of that movie (a prelude to Sarah Jessica Parker's seriously successful acting career) one of the most memorable hits of the 80's.   We were both backstage before her appearance with David Letterman -- I loved her too!  She was super nice and didn't disappoint with her blue highlights!   
My final choice is an oldie, but goodie!  My namesake and original version of, Sabrina, starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart.  I finally saw the original film on my 21st birthday when my mom told me that this is where my name originated!  Too cool and an even cooler love story.  Have you seen it yet?  Come on over to my Sleepover on Saturday and we can all cry through it together!!