We were invited to start a blog by Connie & Fish from The Mix 95.7.  My name is Sammy and by beautiful wife's name is Suzie.  Together we are going to share our views, thoughts, and experiences in the Swinging Lifestyle.

A little information about us, we have been married for over 20 years, have 3 children, we both have full-time careers and are our active in our community.  In other words, your normal next door neighbor.

Our journey in the Lifestyle began 5 years ago when we heard the term swinging while hanging out with our vanilla friends (vanilla is a term used in the Lifestyle for individuals that are not in the Lifestyle).  Being curious individuals that we are, we started looking up what the Lifestyle was all about.  What we found is a whole new community of people that are open with their thoughts, bodies, and sex life.

As the two of us discussed the lifestyle, we realized that our ability to communicate with each other became easier, more open and honest.  Not only about sex, but also our everyday life.  Just as there is more to everyday life (work, home, family), there is much more to the Lifestyle then just sex!  Tune in next week as we discuss what we found the "more" to be.

Sammy and Suzie