Everyone is always complaining about how their phone has a defect that can cause it to randomly explode.  No one talks about the positive side to this story.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with the best anti-theft device in a smartphone ever devised!

Now, you might be saying "you can't get that phone anymore, Samsung pulled it from shelves!"  Well...  Despite being pulled from shelves all across the world, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is still available for sale by some Chinese retailers who are attempting to recoup some losses from stocking expenses.

One of these Chinese versions of the phone happened to make into the hands of a Chinese thief after he stole it from an internet cafe in the Anhui province of China.  The thief snatched the phone out of the cafe and took off down the street, only to be rudely interrupted by an unexpected explosion!  The thief blames Samsung for getting caught.

I guess the thief has never seen Inspector Gadget...