A few weeks ago we told you about a few of the highlights to watch for at Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck this June. Now we how more details.

Earlier this week, Waterfront Film Festival released the entire schedule of films and we have the highlights.

We've known about the Midwest premiere of the movie "Virginia" and opening night entertainment from Beverly McClennan.  Now we have the complete lineup of films.

This year's highlights include:



  • "Free Samples" - Midwest premiere of a twenty-somethings comedy starring Jess Weixler, Jesse Eisenberg, and Jason Ritter.
  • "Queen of Versailles" - documentary, follows a billionaire couple as they build a mansion until the economic crisis brings progress to a halt, Lauren Greenfield won best director at Sundance for this film.
  • "My Best Day" - quirky comedy about a small town receptionist who meets the father she never knew when he calls for a refrigerator repair.  Sundance selection.
  • "Wuss" - Michigan premiere of edgy comedy about a ridiculed teacher who can't take it anymore.  Award winning performance from Nate Rubin as Mitch, the teacher.
  • "Buffalo Girls" - Midwest premiere of the Slamdance selection documentary about two 8-year-old girls who are professional Muay Thai prizefighters.

Those in attendance at Waterfront Film Festival this year will include:  Beverly McClellan from The Voice, "Biker Chef" Christopher Coppola, True Blood's Tanya Wright, Nick Offerman from Park and Recreation, and many more to be announced including some at the Midwest premiere of "Virginia".

Review all of the films showing at Waterfront Film Festival in Saugatuck, June 14 - June 17.