Wednesday night may have been one of the scariest nights of my life… and it all happened within my apartment.

I rent an apartment in a house that’s been converted. So basically, I rent the upstairs/attic spot of this house. For the most part, it’s been a great place (except for the lack of a/c during one of the hotter summers West Michigan has experienced in a while.) Well, Wednesday night that changed.

As I was sitting on my living room floor trying to hook up my Nintendo Wii, I saw something fly from the living room into my bedroom. At first, I thought, “wow, that’s a giant moth!” Of course, I immediately started remembering the Richard Gere movie ‘The Mothman Prophecies’, so while I was trying to remember the outcome of that movie, I walked in to my bedroom and looked behind the bedroom door to see… A BAT! Yeah, a bat had made its way into my house; I’m guessing through one of the closed off chimneys the house still has… but nonetheless, there was a bat in my house!

Of course, me opening the door caused the bat to fly around.

I’d like to tell you I was super manly, caught the bat in a towel and let him go. I was not. Instead, I freaked out, screamed really loud and ran to the bathroom with my cellphone in hand, trying to figure out who to call at 11 p.m.  Then hoped maybe my cat, Diggy, would help out and tackle the bat, so I could grab it or at least put a bucket over it, until someone could help me.  But NO, the cat was hiding in the bathroom with me.

After a few minutes, I realized he kept flying out the back door to my screened-in porch... so I quickly ran to the back door, with my broom in hand (you know, just in case) and waited for him to fly outside again. Once he did, I shut the door. Even locked it just in case he turned into Batman, I didn’t want him opening the door and coming back in.

Finally, with the bat outside, I went to sleep. Well, really I laid in bed and drifted in and out, worrying whether or not he or another bat would come in again. Daylight rolled  around and I started figuring out how to get rid of the bat on my porch. Have I mentioned yet that I am deathly afraid of bats?  I didn’t necessarily realize this until Wednesday night when a bat FLEW IN MY HOUSE!

I called animal control, and they said they don’t do bat removal, Googled who did, and was met with no less than six businesses that specialize in this. Bats in houses is a REAL problem in West Michigan. I wish I would have known that before I moved here… Not that it would have changed me moving here, but I may have moved into a brick compound that was bat resistant.

I ended up posting a few updates to social media and had a few coworkers offer to help; thank GOD! So yesterday afternoon, our Promotions Director’s fiancé, Nate, came over and rescued the bat (and me!)

As soon as Nate got there to help, I warned him I was useless, and this would be a “HE” adventure.  Thankfully he was alright with that, probably because I’d have only gotten in the way and I’m sure my screaming is quite annoying.

So yeah, what have I learned since moving to Grand Rapids? We have bats that can come in your house.  EEK!

After I got the bat into the screened-in porch.. I started #BatWatch2016  It's kind of like my "127 Hours" video diary... don't worry it's only about 35 seconds.


The next morning continued #BatWatch2016 and eventually the rescue of #Bruce, the bat (he was there so long, it was only right to name him)