A school in New York tried to con a couple into purchasing a finger painting done by kindergartners. Trouble was, the couple says they won't pay such a high price.

The trouble all began to brew quite a while ago, according to the couple. They say that their son, Hudson, was constantly left out of school functions and activities. Then, when mom and dad came to visit, the school put on an auction with various items. One of them was a finger painting that the class did. The parents decided to bid on it. However, they claim that they only wanted to pay $3,000 for the piece.

The school later billed them for $50K. That's when blood began to boil. The parents have decided to not only sue for damages but the cost for their son to attend a different school as well as the $60,000 a year paycheck for the kindergartner's chauffeur.

Oh. Good. Golly.