A Newaygo County dive team will resume searching Kimball Lake in Newaygo County today.

They're looking for a woman who went under and failed to come back up while boating with friends on Sunday afternoon.

The woman had just become engaged Saturday night.

The missing woman is 35-year-old Brandi Humphrey of Grand Rapids.

After talking with the family and friends aboard, WZZM-13 reports that Humphrey jumped in without a life jacket because she was hot, and began struggling in the strong waves. One of her family members told the news station that Brandi was normally a strong swimmer.

Newaygo County divers arrived with sonar equipment and searched late into the night, then resumed searching all of Memorial Day, looking for the newly-engaged mother of two.

Brandi Humphrey had become engaged to her fiance Mike Mead the night before the incident occurred.