Think back about 9 months... what was going on?

Well, Christmas, New Year's Eve, etc., of course! And also, at least in my circle of friends, a lot of "extracurricular activities"... In the past week, not one, not two, not even three, but six of my friends have given birth! Six! Four little boys and two little girls.

Apparently, this isn't totally uncommon. Most births occur in either August or September according to a study of seasonal patterns for births and deaths.

Scientists don't really have an explanation as to why. I wonder, perhaps, if it's because the egg nog is flowing freely and people are feeling a little more friendly? Or maybe it's because people have to do something to keep warm.

Either way, it's been a busy week for these six couples. Congratulations to them on their new bundles of joy!

And happy birthday to Henry, Jacob, Nolan, Brandon, Amelia, and Maddie!