Today, October 13th, marks a very special holiday that honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month and celebrates everyone's favorite thing: boobies! It's National No Bra Day!


In addition to raising awareness, the holiday has a lot of perks (no pun intended). There are several benefits to going bra-less and I've compiled a list of 10 reasons why you should not wear a bra:

it's comfy
won't have to worry about crumbs falling in the crack your boobs.

  • Speaking of boob crack, air ventilation - you're allowing your boobs to breathe.
  • Side boob.
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  • You can wear backless shirts and dresses.
  • no one will know you're not wearing a bra under your big sweater.

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    you won't fall asleep with one on.

    chill modechill mode!

  • Your boobs will be perkier! I know this sounds counterintuitive, but studies from France have shown that over time bras can make your breast saggier.

    The study suggested that bras discourage the growth of supporting breast tissue, resulting in the breasts sagging more quickly..."

  • The basis of our country, FREEDOM!
  • So let those gals go free today and take pride in your natural God-given breast!