We found the seven weirdest costumes you can purchase this Halloween. We really don't recommend any of them.

1.  Spaghetti and meatballs.  It looks like you're putting your baby in a mop with meatballs sewn on.  It costs $22.


2.  Pregnant male fairy.  It's like a green Tinkerbell costume . . . but with a fake pregnant belly.  And it's only intended for MEN.  It costs $40.


3.  Baby-busting-out-of-the-belly.  It's a shirt with a plastic bloody zombie baby busting out of your stomach.  It costs $70.


4.  The "one night stand."  It's a costume for guys where you put a lampshade on your head and wear a nightstand.  That makes you "one nightstand."  Get it?  It virtually guarantees you won't have a REAL one-night stand, and it costs $55.


5.  Naked sushi.  I GUESS this is sexy.  It's a full-length body suit for women with fake sushi covering the naughty parts.  It costs $30.


6.  Sexy skunk.  This one tests the question, "Can a woman put on ANY set of animal ears and make it a sexy Halloween costume?"  The sexy skunk costume comes with a tight dress, furry skunk ears and a tail.  It costs $60.


7.  Fake breast grab.  This is a woman's t-shirt that makes it look like you're topless and there are hands grabbing your breasts from behind.  It costs $30. 


(Huffington Post)