Gosling superfans sure think so! People Magazine announced Wednesday that Mr. Bradley Cooper took the crown for 2011's Sexiest Man Alive. Almost immediately, Gosling groupies took to the internet-- and the streets-- to protest.

Pro-Gosling tweeters are rallying around the hashtag #OccupyPeopleMagazine and the facebook page The Ryan Gosling Deserved to be People's Sexiest Man of the Year Movement organized a protest outside People's headquarter's Thursday:

Their main beef seems to be that Gosling had a bigger year than Cooper in 2011,  which saw him star in three high-profile movies: "Drive," "The Ides of March" and "Crazy, Stupid, Love." Gosling's rocking abs have also been cited as a reason he should have won.

Even though Gosling is mentioned as an honoree and has a whole page to himself in the issue,  his fans are not satisfied. There is even a online petition in which they demand  People rethink their decision and give Gosling a cover. Signers of the petition are sharing their personal thoughts on why Ryan should have won:

This is a TRAVESTY. I fear for the sanity of the world when a magazine as reputable as People could be blind to the obvious superiority of Ryan's sexiness. This is far more concerning than any other human injustice I've seen thus far.--  June Chaiyasit

Because when Bradley Cooper says '"Hey Girl" he really doesn't give a s*** --Cassidy Collins

Because he is my son and I am still kind of attracted to him! That is not wrong PEOPLE! -- Ryan's Mom

So where do you stand on this incredibly important matter?