Being a new parent I get dragged to a lot of things that I would normally not go to. Let's face it, a year ago you would never see me at the Great Parenting Event or any sale that was for mom's. But today I was, as my fiance was so obsessed with heading out to the Devos Place for the dual event to see what type of things she could get for the little one that we already did not have stored away somewhere.

We missed out on a few things as I put us behind on time with doing somethings around the house, but it didn't matter because there were so many things at the Mom 2 Mom sale that I think it was almost impossible to see everything.

I even learned some things at the Gr8 Parenting event, which was easy to do with all the local vendors on hand showing some products to help better care for my baby girl.

I wish I could give you more information about the event, but I had a fantasy football draft so I was in my phone most the time. lol.

Thank you, technology!