That first day of kindergarten is such a big step.  It's big for the child, the parents, and the whole family.  But when is the best time to make that first step?


There are bills in both the Michigan House and Michigan Senate that would require incoming students to be 5-years-old by September 1st.  The current cutoff date is December 1st.


3 months might not seem like a big difference, but when you're dealing with 4 and 5-year-olds it can be.
Moving the cutoff date would put Michigan more in-line with what the rest of the country is doing. reports:


According to the Education Commission of the States, 32 states have a requirement that a child be age 5 before Sept. 1 to be eligible to enroll in kindergarten. Six states have cutoff dates later in September.


It seems that the move would benefit some kids and hurt some.  The same would happen by not making a change.  Some kids are ready sooner than others.  Age is not a perfect guideline as to when to begin the formal education of a child.


Parents along with their school district and teachers are already equipped to make the decision on the best time to start a child with or without a change to the cutoff date.  I like to see more choices and options available for parents, teachers, and most importantly students.  I am fine with leaving the cutoff date on December 1.