Sooooooo.......... THE ROYAL WEDDING IS TOMORROW!!!!!!!! And I've been watching BBC America.

Not so much for THIS Royal Wedding (although, I did DVR it) But, mostly because this is when you get to see a LOT of interviews with the Royal Family, stories about Princess Diana, etc. etc. Things I've never seen before.
I found one little tidbit VERY interesting - Prince Harry has invited TWO of his former girlfriends to his wedding. TWO! Supposedly, Meghan didn't invite any of her exes. Sadly, her ex-hubby will have to DVR it at home, like the rest of us.
That's how our TQOTD came about today. What is your opinion on inviting an EX to your wedding? Did you do it? WOULD you do it? Should ANYone do it?

Should you invite your ex’s to your wedding?

  • #TQOTD If I was marrying Prince Harry I would love to invite his ex's to rub it in their face, lol.
  • My ex was the best man in my wedding … Yes you can use my name. It's Kind of a Funny Story my husband was friends with him and I never knew it until 5 years later
  • Don't do it!! (Inviting exes to weddings)
  • I'm getting married this August and neither of us ex's on the guest list. It's a no from me lol
  • My ex is my best friend and he stood up at my wedding with me as the man of Honor my husband didn't have a problem with it
  • Ummmmmm I think NOT!!!!
  • I think it's like an ultimate slap in the face I like this is what you could have had
  • No way! My husband tries to convince me to invite his ex to our wedding 4 years ago. There was no way I was inviting her since she was always trying to scare me off, she made it seem like my husband wasn't allowed to be happy! And she seemed a bit crazy because she be all cool with everyone and two days later she trying to start a fight with someone.
  • So NO WAY, there always seem to be drama when you get ex's involved.
  • If I'm good friends with my ex, I would certainly invite them to my wedding.
  • Good morning, this is tacky khaki or whatever nickname you gave me he's the prince of England, he can do anything he wants! I don't know anything like starting off your wedding with some drama
  • My Ex could never go … he was so nasty. Come on man. You should know … if you sprinkle when you tinkle be a sweetie wipe the seatie
  • Yes I would have my x there still good friends
  • I will definitely have a few of my ex's at my wedding they are some of my best friends still
  • TQOTD, depends on the situation. My parents are both remarried but if they'd both had big weddings the second time around they would've invited each other. They're good friends still and were co-parents while I grew up. But if me and my boyfriend get married in the future and his ex is there I won't be thrilled.
  • If I'm not friends with my ex, I am not inviting them to my wedding. I don't need a Royal Rumble going on at my reception!
  • That's so disrespectful to the future NO WAY-!!
  • #TQTD If you're still able to be friends I don't see an issue in inviting them. An ex is an ex for a reason. Now if they're not over you it would be a mistake...
  • I was invited to my ex-husband's wedding to his new wife. I only went because my son was in the wedding and needed a way home after. I can tell you it was one of the most awkward things I have ever done I would never wish it on anybody
  • My take on the text question is I'd be petty tell my man no and if he pressed the matter lets get real men don't do the detail crap that invite would be "lost" in the mail by beach and if your spouse really cares if an ex is where you tell them peace beach
  • #tqotd FROG No!!! I'm sure there are some people who have remained friends w ex's but I think those people are weird exceptions lol
  • See I know you probably shouldn't invite an ex to your wedding. But there's the part of you that kinda wants to just so you can show off how happy you are now!
  • Exes are exes for a reason. If the ex doesn't absolutely have to be there (like they share parenthood), then why are you even in contact with an ex???
  • TQOD, My ex-wife invited her ex's parents to our wedding and didn't tell me until after. Maybe my next fiance will be truthful, I've learned they aren't always so honest.
  • I will invite mine someday. Despite hating him he's the father of my daughter and she needs to see us getting along and working together
  • I wouldn't invite my ex to my funeral!!
  • I am inviting my ex-husband for my daughter's sake
  • If it's my wedding NOOOO! But I invited plenty of other family members exs to my wedding
  • #textquestionoftheday I am inviting my ex to my wedding. He is still one of my very good friends and I can't imagine getting married without him there. My fiance is not inviting any.
  • I don't think exes are a big problem at a wedding as the friend. My husband's high school sweetheart was at our wedding with her husband. They have a great friendship and she's a great person!
  • I see no problem with inviting my ex to a long as it isn't a crazy ex. I was actually best man when my ex married his husband... I think it depends on how the separation went down.
  • #text question of the day - Our wedding is next month and we have my fiance's ex there because she ended up marrying one of his good friends. Honestly, they 're happy, we're happy, no big deal
  • My ex invited me to his wedding. I met up with my best friend there as well as she was invited. He introduced me to my best friend. Who also ended up being his ex. She did not know about our history because she was after me.
  • My boyfriend has so many ex-girlfriends that I have to deal with in everyday life. I certainly would not want them to be invited to my wedding. It's already hard enough to move forward, let alone constantly being reminded of his past. Final answer... Inappropriate to invite ex's to a wedding.
  • I have a friend who will be officiating his ex wedding
  • Other than the fact that she's an obese beast and would make me look like a supermodel... HELL NO she's not coming to my wedding!!!
  • My husband and I invited a girl to our wedding that was an Ex of both of ours. He dated her first then I dated her and then we dated and got married. We all remained friends so it wasn't awkward at all.
  • My ex invited me to three of her weddings. Our daughter asked me to please don't show up because she couldn't stand any of the guys her mom was marrying. None of the new marriages lasted even a year.
  • My husband's ex is getting married this summer. I would love to go and show support in their marriage and be there for my step kids... however, they would never invite us lol!
  • Both mine and my husband's ex's came to our wedding ??
  • Hell no! I went with an old boyfriend to his ex girls friends wedding and that was one of the most awkward days of my life. #freefood.
  • Hellz to the no. My ex continued to send me flowers for years while dating my husband, also wrote me a song.. He also tried to add me on Facebook the morning of my wedding day. He's crazy.
  • I was invited to my ex husband's wedding, and I didn't go. He was insistent
    I go. He thought we were friends because I was civil. It was disrespectful of my feelings and his new wife.
  • I just got married in September of last Year and our officiant who is my pastor warned everyone at the rehearsal that if anyone were to objects even in a joking manner legally he would have to wait another 24 hours before he could wed us.
  • As far as inviting exes-I think it depends when they were together and when they broke up. For example, my husband dated one of our best friends before we even knew each other, and I became a really good friend of hers throughout the time we were dating… So we invited her and her boyfriend to our wedding
  • My ex of four years is the best man in our wedding ??... my fiancé took a liking to him when we ran into him and his new girlfriend a few summers together at the beach. I don't mind at all. We've both moved on and are so happy!
  • Regarding standing up and objecting. I have never seen it done, however years ago I was asked by a male co worker (I am female) to please come to his wedding and do exactly that, stand up and object. He had been given an ultimatum by his girlfriend..we either get married or I am gone, so he put a ring on her finger. I bring myself to do it. Told him to call it off, he didn't and unfortunately they only lasted a few years.
  • I was with a guy for 7 years High school till 23yrs old . Didn't invite him but I invited his mom cause she hated me. LOL
  • I wanted to inject at a wedding one time about 30 years ago I'm glad I didn't cuz they're still together living in Florida happily with their adult child ren nearby... and I'm divorced twice two-time loser I guess my relationship choices aren't as good as his were
  • When my best friend from college got married I was in her wedding and so was her ex-boyfriend. He was one of the groomsmen I thought that was a little bit awkward....