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Is Michigan A Sinful State?
If I were to ask you if you thought that our state (Michigan) as a whole, was Sinful, what would you say?
Michigan Ranked 4th Best State For Beer
If you ask the average Michigander about which state has the best beer, most will say right here in Michigan, but the website Thrillist.com disagrees.
National Love Your Pet Day West Michigan Gallery
Today is National Love Your Pet Day and it is quite obvious from the amount of pictures we got, that people in West Michigan LOVE their pets! We asked you to send in your pet pics to make a gallery and here it is!
Presidents Day - Connie And Fish Podcast (2-19-18)
It's President's Day and that means it's time for Fish to play some weird songs about Presidents! We also found a bunch of sound bits of Presidents screwing up their words. It happens quite a lot.