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Grand Rapids Named In The Top 50 Best Cities To Retire
Even though Grand Rapids has been touted as a fast-growing city that is attracting young professionals from all over the country, it also just might be the perfect place for your grandparents to settle down.
What Is The Oldest Thing You Own? - #TQOTD
Steve was talking about how he had recently found some musket balls in an old box in his basement and we were shocked when he said they were actually used at Gettysburg in 1863.
Weekend Fun - Connie And Fish Podcast (8-13-18)
It was Connie's birthday on Saturday and she celebrated with a bash at her house that was tons of fun! So much so, that Connie injured herself from throwing Fish's wife, Alicia, around the pool like a ragdoll!
Last month, Donna opened her mailbox to find a package with a bag FILLED with poop. The POOPetrator left a note to Donna letting her know that she would never find who did sent the smelly surprise.