It's Wednesday, so let’s get through Hump Day with another edition of celebrity gossip and things you need to know with Knightlines... 

1. In an interview with "Rolling Stone", MILEY CYRUS claims she wasn't trying to be sexy at the "VMAs" . . . quote, "If I was trying to be sexy, I could have been sexy. I can dance a lot better than I was dancing." She also says there's a double-standard because ROBIN THICKE didn't get criticized as much as she did for it.

2. In her "Rolling Stone" interview, MILEY CYRUS says she's NOT trying to cash in on black culture . . . quote, "I don't keep my producers or dancers around 'cause it makes me look cool. Those aren't my 'accessories'. They're my homies." She added, quote, "I'm from one of the wealthiest counties in America. I know what I am. But I also know what I like to listen to. Look at any 20-year-old white girl right now . . . that's what they're listening to at the club."

3. To celebrate her first "Rolling Stone" cover story, MILEY CYRUS took the reporter to a tattoo parlor, where she got the word "Rolling" tattooed on the bottom of her right foot, and "$tone" tattooed on the bottom of her left.

4. On "Ellen" yesterday, ELTON JOHN said he wouldn't mind MILEY CYRUS' sloppy seconds. He said, quote, "I'll take her old boyfriend . . . as the French say, 'A bit on the side.' He's gorgeous . . . those Australians."

5. In Random Miley Mania . . . Miley talks about "mentoring" JUSTIN BIEBER . . . posts a picture of herself with a monkey on her back . . . and twerks in a new rap video.

6. On RYAN SEACREST'S radio show yesterday, SIMON COWELL said he won't be in the delivery room when his baby is born because, quote, "There are certain things you shouldn't see and that is one of them." He also suggests he might marry his baby-mama LAUREN SILVERMAN.

7. It's probably not surprising that BILL CLINTON is aware of the infamous porn video "Two Girls, One Cup". But it's kind of surprising that he'd JOKE about it. Bill Tweeted a picture of himself with BILL GATES, and he captioned it, "Two Bills, one selfie."