Ladies, there are some things you should NEVER tell your friends about your relationship, no matter HOW close they are.  Like:  That your boyfriend doesn't like them . . . who pays for what . . . and that you're closer with HIM than THEM.

1.  That your boyfriend doesn't like them.  Obviously.

2.  His flaws or bad habits.  It's fine to complain about SOME things . . . but if you tell your friends every little thing a guy does wrong, they're eventually going to wonder why you're with him.

3.  That he cheated on an ex.  Even if YOU'RE able to get past the fact that he cheated, your friends might not.

4.  Who pays for what.  If HE pays for everything, you look like a gold digger . . . if YOU pay for everything, he looks like a deadbeat.  Besides, it's none of their business anyway.  You're better off avoiding the topic completely.

5.  His family's dirty laundry.  For one, it could make your boyfriend look bad.  And two, if he finds out you've been talking behind his back, he's going to be upset.

6.  That he's now your best friend.  Your friends don't want or need to know they've been replaced.

(She Knows)