As offspring, it's our job to make fun of our parents. You laugh at your parents, your kids laugh at you, someday their kids will laugh at them. Because parents often do ridiculous and crazy things. And sometimes it's caught on video. Like this mom, who was sleepingwalking, well, sleep-dancing really, trying to find something called the "tomato cage". Her  loving son gleefully recorded the incident.

"And what exactly are you doing, ma'am?" the son intones as his mom begins shimmying her way through the kitchen. "It's a special code," she replies. Well, obviously. She's goes on to explain that she's trying to find the "tomato cage". Oh right, that. She's clearly upset that the tomato cage won''t open, even though she "tried many things". The many things appear to be waltzing, shoulder shrugging, and a hand-chopping motion.  "I'm pissed off," she says before performing one last elbow-to knee movement and exiting the kitchen.

Comedy gold.

What may be even funnier is her reaction to the video. Like any good son, he didn't just record his mother, but also posted it to YouTube, and then had her watch it.

Though she is mortified by her late night kitchen dancing, mom seems to be a pretty good sport about the whole deal. "I was dreaming about cherry picking or tomato picking or something... " she tries to explain. The son cannot contain his mirth. "Thank you mom, for that," he says.

He goes by stillsoundlyawake on Youtube if you'd like to see more of his work... who knows, it is likely there will be another sleepingwalking incident. I sincerely hope so.