We have two dogs and no kids, to this doesn't have a direct effect on me.  But I have friends, co-workers and employees who have kids and I diapers are ex-pen-sive!  (Dashes added for dramatic effect)

Moms everywhere were a bit upset last week when Amazon said it was phasing out a 30% discount on diapers.  Now, I'm no math major, but 30% is a pretty big number, especially when you're looking at thousands of dollars spent on your new bundle of joy.  To be fair, Amazon still offers a pretty decent discount to members of their special clubs, it's just that they're changing the structure a bit.

My first thought was, why isn't there some sort of "white label" diaper available?  I mean, I remember cheap food on a white label with black lettering - "SPUDS" "MAYO" "BEER" - at one of the discount stores when I was growing up.  Why not "DIAPERS" too? Can't we go back to that?

Then again, you get what you pay for.  No need for the fruits of your baby's labor to be seeping out of the cheapie diaper.

Hmmm.  Cloth diapers then?