OK, so who wants to see Snooki's bling? For all the meatball lovers out there, Jionni Lavelle took her off the market when he put this $55,000, 5 ct. ring on her finger. The jeweler who made the ring says Jionni proposed at a Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey, and he did it the old-fashioned way... "Jionni got down on one knee on the balcony. Snooki had no idea that she was getting an engagement ring."

For all the ring lovers out there, here is what it looks like. Not to shabby, but I still can't believe someone would put a ring on a finger of hers. Not saying someone can't love her, but just not a believer that she is wifey material, you know being faithful and stuff. Just my opinion of what I see on the show, I mean have you seen the Jersey Shore? - LOL - Its no secret how I feel about celebrity relationships. Over under 6 months on the marriage?