When it snows this year in West Michigan, we’ll be seeing more green on the roadways.

According to WOODTV, the Kent County Road Commission is changing their yellow strobes to green on their snow plows in hopes of making the plows more visible.

They started testing the green lights two years ago after they noticed people weren’t paying attention and more accidents were happening with people running into the back of the snow plows.  Jerry Byrne, the deputy managing director of operations for the Kent County Road Commission, told WOODTV:

“Ambers (lights) are used by so many different types of entities, from the post office to the trash service. Everybody’s running ambers, so the motorists become kind of numb to that, so they’re not slowing down,” said Byrne.


Why green?  Well according to the Michigan Department of Transportation, say green and blue are the most visible on the color spectrum. Since blue is already reserved for law enforcement, green would be the next best choice for the slow moving trucks.

MDOT is also planning to switch out their strobes to green on their plows as well. They say the roll out should be on 80% of their trucks by Winter 2017.

Source: WOODTV