Knightlines is about celebrity gossip and things you need to know, and with the weekend upon us we are gonna have tons of things to talk about next week with the VMA's upon us. So lets tell you some things you might not have known in this latest installment of Knightlines... 

1. Frank Lloyd Wright’s son invented Lincoln Logs.
2. The Saturn V (5) rocket consumed fifteen tons of fuel per second.
3. The state with the longest coastline in the contiguous U.S. is Michigan
4. Henry VIII had Sir Nicholas Carew beheaded because he beat him in a bowling match.
5. Onions can be stored for longer periods of time than any other vegetable
6. Eleanor Roosevelt’s maiden name was Roosevelt.
7. Lazy Susans are named after Thomas Edison’s daughter. He invented it to impress a gathering of industrialists and inventors.
8. Over half of us don’t mind letting someone into the bathroom while we’re sitting on the toilet.
9. The first letter Vanna White ever turned on “Wheel of Fortune” was the letter “T”.
10. A grizzly bear can actually run about as fast as a horse.
11. If you’re dining “Alfresco” it just means you’re eating outdoors.
12. If you were to adjust for inflation, “Gone With the Wind” would still be the biggest movie money maker of all time.
13. Henry Ford was America’s first billionaire.
14. Red-haired men are more likely to go bald than any others.
15. Walter Cronkite was a college dropout.
16. Only 5 percent of people who dine out claim they do so because they don’t know how to cook.