Interested in a kitten that is, by all accounts, a giant a--hole? Someone in Bay City has found that cat and would love for you to come and take it.

According to a Craigslist post, the kitten's name is "Ditch Kitty". Why? Well, it was found in a ditch and rescued by the Craigslist poster who quickly came to regret their decision.

Apparently the cat is not super thankful about being saved from the ditch and is also "not sweet or nice." What makes this cat so terrible, though? Well, apparently these six things.

1. Looking the cat in the eyes is a terrible idea. According to the Craigslist poster, "the second you do, he loses his f---ing mind and for the next three hours, he runs around doing general piece of s--- things like attacking your feet and chewing on lamp cords and sharpening his claws on all the nice furniture."

2. He doesn't have great table manners."He knocks his bowl over and scatters the food all to f--- and back while he licks the bottom of the bowl."

3. He doesn't just consider the litter box to be a toilet. Oh no, he likes to play in it. He "tracks his s--- all over the house like he's redecorating, and no, I don't 'like what he's done with the place'."

4. He begs but, to be fair, it seems like that's not the cat's fault. "I gave him a piece of cheese popcorn one day, and now he's like a crack addict begging for a fix every time I take a step into the kitchen."

5. The cat is NOT a cuddler. "Every time you touch him, he attacks you and tries to chew your fingers off, so maybe you could put him near your front door and use him as a guard cat."

6. He lacks in the personal hygiene department, and apparently smells like "an old hotel room full of sweaty, fat people"

Sound like your kind of cat? Well, it's only going to cost you a $25 rehoming fee to make him yours and you'll even get all of the kitty litter and food that the poster has already purchased for him.