What does this sign mean?!

I just realized this sign is right behind where I park each night.  I park street side, and yesterday I had to park back further than usual… that’s when I saw it.

I understand the general meaning behind it, no parking between November 1st and April 1st and I’m assuming it’s because of snowplows; but does this mean no parking at all, or only when it snows? Our street is pretty lined both sides each night, and if we all have to park on one side, that will be a real pain in the you-know-what.

On the other streets around my house I’ve seen signs that say “EVEN DATES” and I kind of get that, although I’m curious if I get home at 8pm on an "even day", do I park on the side of the sign or the other side?  I’m really confused and afraid I’m going to be best friends with the parking police soon.

I’m originally from the south where it hardly ever snows and if it does, we just all stay home until noon when it melts.

I need help… can I not park on that side of the street at all with this “NO Parking Nov 1 to April 1”?