Sophia Grace and Rosie, the little British girls who have become pint-sized celebrities here in the US thanks to Ellen, have a new segment on Ellen's show that seems to suit them to a tee (no pun intended).

"Tea Time With Sophia Grace & Rosie" allows the girls to sit down, eat cookies, drink tea, and talk to some of their favorite celebrities.

This week, the girls sat down with Taylor Swift to talk candy, favorite colors, Taylor's Grammy dress, and boyfriends. Little Rosie, who seems to be coming out of her shell lately, pipes up at about the 3:05 mark asking Swift if she has a boyfriend. Taylor is quick to reply with, "I don't... Do you?" Rosie looks horrified to even be asked the question, saying that she definitely does not have a boyfriend. Though, later we learn that she used to have one, but now they're just friends.