A mother curious about her son's biological father, makes a very disturbing discovery.  Seven years ago, Cynthia Daily received a donation from a man who had over 150 biological children.  This came as a huge surprise to Cynthia when she used an online registry organization for tracking donor children.

Unlike several countries in Europe, the United States does not have a limit for sperm donors.  A father could conceivably have several hundred, if not a thousand children.  This could pose a huge problem down the line, if a couple is unaware that they share the same father.

Cynthia Daily is taking the matter into her own hands.  She has set up an online group for the donor recipients, so they can make sure that their children will not procreate with their half siblings.

It is a scary notion that this information is just now coming to light.  It seems as though regulation should come into place soon, however as of right now no legislation is planned.