Apparently, a really popular thing for some New Yorkers to do is dress up like a super hero and walk around Times Square. Now, I know that that seems pretty douchey in and of itself, but it turns out that it can be pretty lucrative for them. But, one Spiderman lookalike took things just a bit too far when a woman didn't tip him, and has earned himself the title of "Wendy's Douche Of The Day".

Philip Williams, the douchey Spiderman impersonator in question, was out in Times Square, getting his picture taken with kids and tourists and encountered a woman and her family. After getting a photo taken with the woman's children, this douche canoe expected her to tip him. Unfortunately, she didn't know that was part of the deal, and informed Spidey that she didn't have any cash with which to tip him. That sucks, but he should have just gotten over it. Nope. Spidey don't play that.

Instead of quietly seething, or just getting over it, douchebag McGee yelled "You're crap" at the woman and then punched her in the face.

What's more, this douchebag apparently has a bit of a criminal record, dating back to when he was 17 and living in Michigan.

Another Times Square impersonator, who dresses as Big Bird (that is not a joke), told the Daily Mail,

Getting arrested isn’t good for any of us. It makes us all look bad.

Way to make all of the other furries look bad, Philip Williams. What a douche.