Well, I was not on-air yesterday, but still managed to provide you some Knightlines here on the web. Back to the grind today, so we will run down Knightlines again tonight and every night at 6:10pm. Hope you listen, but incase you miss it, here they are... 

• The Duchess of York is said to have rekindled her romance with her former husband, the Duke of York. Friends claim that the couple is so close that they will eventually formalize their reunion. Prince Andrew has never criticized his ex-wife and has provided financial support when she has needed it.
• The mystery behind a song played in a lifeboat as the Titanic sank has been solved. The Song that was heard coming from a child’s Music Box type pig in one of the life boats has been identified as: La Sorella, by Charles Borel-Clerc and Louis Gallini, which was written about seven years before the
Titanic sank. The pig belonged to Edith Rosenbaum, who survived the sinking.
the pig had long since stopped working. However, experts at the museum carried out three dimensional, X-ray scans of the object to find out how the musical box inside worked. (I’ll play the music box song at the end of today’s “Stuff”.
• Robert Pattinson used his celebrity status to bring a ray of sunshine to some amazing kids.The actor visited the Teen Lounge at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, and showed off his arts and craft prowess!After making some beautiful art with some beautiful kids – the actor posed for some pictures with his adoring fans.
• Kylie Jenner is one lucky gal! For her 16th birthday she received an extraordinary gift, and it wasn’t cheap either! She’s the owner of a brand new $125,000 Mercedes-Benz SUV and she is lovin’ her new pair of wheels!
• Speaking of cars, David Beckham was enjoying driving his son Brooklyn around Beverly Hills on Friday. Only two more years until the teen will be driving himself! So, to make sure they had a great time,
David brought out the big guns, driving his shiny McLaren Spider sports car, which cost roughly $319,000.