Seriously?  Step Brothers 2 is about to start filming and they’re going to make the movie in Pontiac, Mich.? I’m there!

EXCEPT, it’s not real. I’ve seen numerous people post this story about how the original cast is coming back together.According to the article posted by, they’ve even released a plot-line for the new movie. They also go on to say that later next year, they’ll be doing a casting call for extras.

Don’t get your hopes up, though. This is definitely a fake, click-bait website and it didn’t take much checking to figure this out since most of the thumbnail pictures of the other stories on the website are all about celebrities that have died, that really aren’t dead.  For instance, Jackie Chan didn't commit suicide… And Hillary Clinton doesn't have bikini pictures she doesn't want you to see. (Well, she might, but this website doesn't have them.)

Also, if you just GOOGLE  Step Brothers 2, you’ll see numerous stories about how this particular rumor has been going around pretty much all year.

So just to be clear: Step Brothers 2 ISN’T filming in Pontiac, Mich.; nor is it filming anywhere in the near future…as of now.