Today, Steve did something that not many people can say they have done.  He ran over his wallet with his car.  How did he do such a thing?  He was unloading some things from the car and his wallet fell out onto the ground.  After realizing his wallet was missing, Steve searched high and low for it and decided that it could not be anywhere at home and that it mus have fallen out at work somewhere.

So he jumped back in the car and backed his car out when all of a sudden he felt a bump and heard a crunch...  Yup, you guessed it!  His wallet was being very sneaky and hiding behind his tire.  It did fall out when he got out of the car.  He checked the ground, but apparently he didn't check under the tire...  DOH!

The only thing damaged in the accident was his parking card.  (Kinda ironic, right?)  Well, it is just cracked so it might still work...

Photo by Steve

But upon closer inspection, their appears to be some metal showing from the inside of the card.

Photo by Steve

Yup, that is definitely some sort of important metallic ribbon, probably with some sort of parking data on it.

Photo by Steve

It looks like their isn't any damage to the metal in the card so Steve is banking on this guy still working for him tomorrow morning.  But, only time will tell if it works!

So now that you have the facts, do you think that Steve's card will work tomorrow!?   Take our poll!