When we got to choose which restaurant we wanted to check out for Restaurant Week, I got SUPER EXCITED when I got to choose The Knickerbocker!  New Holland Brewing is my absolute favorite craft beer in West Michigan and combining that with the 'olde timey' feel of their rustic old world menu, I was in paradise!

My wife and I dove right into their menu ordering the 2 person dinner plus a couple of extras!  First course was Smoked Kielbasa and Kraut and since my wife isn't a huge fan of sausage or mustard, she ordered a Farro Cherry Salad which I got to sneak some bites off of.

Photo by Steve (Kielbasa and Kraut with mustard)


Photo by Steve (Farro Cherry Salad)

Next up was the main course, and we said 'Bring it on!'  You have your choice between a Salmon dish and a Skirt steak, and we both went for the beef!  The dish came with fried green tomato, raw cherry tomato, Mattone cheese, fried Marcona almonds.

Photo by Steve (Skirt steak, fried green tomato, raw cherry tomato, Mattone cheese, fried Marcona almonds)

The final course of our dinner was the dessert course and it was fantastic!  That may have something to do with the fact that the Blueberry Ricotta Crepe had a Blue Haven Whiskey Back...

Photo by Steve (Blueberry Ricotta Crepe, lemon curd, Blue Haven Whiskey Back)

And then we decided that we probably needed to try another appetizer on the menu because everyone knows that the proper way to end a dinner is with another beer and some hush puppies!

Photo by Steve (Hush Puppies with green chilies, scallion, cheese curds, sour cream, and hot sauce)

So, long story short, if you like New Holland Beer and want to try out some 'olde timey' food, The Knickerbocker is for you!   Check them out and many other local restaurants during the Grand Rapids Restaurant Week!