Because the big game is this weekend, this edition of Steve's Stories he focused on football and how it became the most popular sport in America.  Steve had to be really careful to not get in trouble for saying those two trademarked words that SHALL NEVER BE UTTERED OUTSIDE OF THE NFL BROADCAST!

And without further adue, here is Steve's Stories!

Steve's Stories Sources:

The NFL Timeline

The History of American Football

1869 College Football Season

1958 NFL Championship Game

Superb Casserole III

How The NFL Became America's Sport

And just because Steve is always looking out for your best interest, here is a list of synonyms you can use when talking about the big game so you don't get sued by the NFL!

  • Great Basin LI
  • Magnificent Dish LI
  • Marvelous Pot LI
  • Outstanding Urn LI
  • Sensational Boat LI
  • Superb Casserole LI
  • Terrific Crock LI
  • Topnotch Saucer LI
  • Cool Vessel LI
  • Divine Deep Dish LI

Which team are you rooting for in Topnotch Saucer 51? The Contemporary United Kingdom Flag-Wavers or The Coca-Cola HQ Birds of Prey?  Comment below!