Today Steve did his Steve's Stories on the History of the Coney Island Hot Dog!  The origin of the Coney Island Hot Dog is from, you guessed it, Coney Island!

So how did it become so popular in Michigan?  Well, first we need to learn why it's called a Coney in the first place!  This hot dog delicacy is called a Coney because of a ordinance put in place on Coney Island in 1913.  The popular vacation destination was concerned that people would think that a hot dog, the staple at food stands across the boardwalk, contained dog meat.  So, they made it illegal to call a hot dog a hot dog.  Instead people began calling it a Coney Island.  But these Coneys didn't have the popular chili topping that they do today.

The chili wasn't introduced until immigrants from New York moved to the midwest and when they came they only knew a hot dog as a Coney Island.  So these immigrants named their newly invented chili dog a Coney Island!

You can find many other cool stories about Coneys with a little wikipedia searching, or you can just listen to Steve's Stories below!