A long held fall tradition is coming to an end. You no longer need to rake your leaves!

Wildlife experts say do not rake up those leaves. The National Wildlife Federation says dead leaves may be unsightly to your neighbors, but there are benefits to letting them decompose naturally.

They include free mulch, by letting the dead leaves fertilize your lawn. The unraked leaves are also used by songbirds and butterflies over the winter months. Also, the EPA says up to 30% of what we throw away is organic materials like food scraps and dead leaves, so letting your leaves decompose naturally will not only save you time, but it's environmentally friendly.

Before you opt to toss away your rake, make sure your town or association doesn’t require you to rake. If you must, don’t throw them out, compost the waste instead.

But what if I love the look of a clean, green lawn in the fall? And I do. Come on over and help yourself to my leaves!