An Indiana man attempting to set a record by swimming across Lake Michigan and back had to give up his effort Thursday night after storms rocked his world. 

Scott Wolford, 51, of Chesterton, IN was attempting to set an endurance record for the longest unassisted non-stop open water swim by swimming from Chicago to St. joseph, MI and then back. The 120 mile trek was expected to take him 70 hours.

He set out early Thursday morning, however late afternoon thunderstorms stopped his quest about 18 miles into the swim, when it became apparent they were dramatically slowing his pace. After gutting out a few hours of rolling waves caused by a first set of storms, a second set spelled doom to the attempt.

Scott gave the rationale for his decision to stop on his Facebook page.

According to most experts, the current record holder for an unassisted, non-stop, open water swim is Chloё McCardel’s (Australia) 77.3 mile, 42.5 hour swim from South Eleuthera Island to Nassau last October.