There have been some pretty strange reasons submitted so that people could have entry into the US and other countries. See some of the oddest ones here!

There's a top 10 list but we'll just share some of our favorites:

  • One guy said that he wanted to go to Europe from Peru to sheer alpaca.
  • Another guy openly told the visa interviewer that he was trying to evade the police and that he wanted to rejoin his family in Europe.
  • One guy wanted to go from the US to the UK so that he could be a dog food taster.
  • Another women said that she wanted to be a 'foot' model in United States. Which would move her from France.

However, by FAR AND WIDE our favorite is.......

The guy who said that he wanted to move to Romania from South Africa.


He thought he could make a lucrative living as a vampire hunter. WOWZA...good luck with that one.