In honor of the Summer Craft Beer Festival, we’re making our way around to the participating breweries to taste what they’re bringing with the to John Ball Park on Saturday.

Today’s stop took me to our conference room, as the folks from Vander Mill Ciders came by and set up shop in our conference room to show off what they have to offer.

Starting out with ciders was a good call for me. While I'm generally a beer drinker, and am actually a pretty big fan of certain craft beers, I'm pretty picky about which ones I like and don't like. But with ciders, well... I'm pretty sure that you can't go wrong.

You’ll see my whole taste testing experience in the video, but I have to say that these are by far the best ciders I've ever tasted.

Alexa from Vander Mill brought in four different ciders from their collection: Hard Apple, Blue Gold, Totally Roasted, and Ginger Peach. All of the ciders are both vegan and gluten free, so they're perfect for almost everyone.

The folks at Vander Mill try to use as many Michigan grown products as possible, and have a great theory when it comes to choosing the produce they use - "If we won't eat it, you won't drink it." Meaning that if a piece of fruit is kind of gross looking or bruised (and looks like something you wouldn't want to eat), they won't use that to make their cider.

(And if I have to vote for a personal favorite, I'm casting mine for their Totally Roasted. OMG.)