This week on Sunday Morning Townsquare, Paul speaks with:

  • Doug DeVos

Doug and I chat about what it's like growing up in an entrepreneurial family, some of the most cherished wisdom his father, Rich, has shared with him, when he new we wanted to pursue a path into the family business, how he and Steve Van Andel work together to make key decisions for Amway, how Amway has managed to keep fresh and relevant for over 50 years, directions they may take as the world becomes a more and more connected by mobile devices and social media, Amway's strong success in overseas markets and the work ethic of their distributors there, as a board member of the Right Place, some of the key economic development he sees that needs to take place in Grand Rapids to keep it propelling ahead for the next 10-20 years, and more………

Doug DeVos

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I do hope you'll have a chance to tune in! I'm really looking forward to introducing you to folks around West Michigan every week who are helping to positively shape our area with their music, their art, their bold business ideas, and the causes they're passionate about!

~Paul Jendrasiak