It’s been over 100 years, 106 to be exact, since the Canadian Pacific Railway lost Locomotive No. 694 and three souls to the depths of Lake Superior.

That night was also the last time anyone saw the locomotive, until recently.  A group of shipwreck hunters based out of Minnesota, found the derailed locomotive back in July, near Marathon Ontario, in 235 feet of water in Lake Superior.

The train derailed June 9, 1910, just before dawn, after a rockslide had covered the tracks.  The freight train travelling a normal speed, hit the rockslide and the locomotive, along with several box cars went into the lake.  Three men were on the train and all died in the crash. Two of the men, the Engineer and a Fireman went down with the train and were never found.  The Brakeman jumped from the train right before impact but with rocky cliffs on one side and Lake Superior on the other, he didn’t survive either, according to a story in the Duluth-New Tribune.

The shipwreck hunters got the coordinates to the Locomotive after another team had found the boxcars back in 2014.  In July, they made the trek to Lake Superior’s Mink Harbor to start the expedition to recover CPR 694.  After about an hour of searching using a ROV (remote operated underwater vehicle) they were able to find the locomotive surrounded by massive boulders that went into the lake with the train.

The two expedition groups teamed up to explore the locomotive and take video.  The original idea was to salvage the wreckage and put it on display in a museum, but after seeing the amount of damage, it doesn’t look like that will be possible.

The video is both very interesting and quite creepy, knowing that this is the final resting place of two souls.

source: MLive