You will not believe some of these!!

KATEY SAGAL from "Sons of Anarchy" and "Married . . . with Children" has two sisters who are twins.  They appeared in one of those old Doublemint Gum commercials.

SUSAN SARANDON was rejected for the role of Adrian in "Rocky" because she was too good-looking.

ALICIA KEYS played one of Rudy's friends on "The Cosby Show"(Here's video.  She's the second one to take Cosby's knee.  The one with the boyish haircut.)

CHANNING TATUM is in RICKY MARTIN'S "She Bangs" video(He's the guy with the face tattoo that's visible for a split second or two, starting at around the 2:57 mark.  Here's a picture.)

KATY PERRY sang backing vocals on P.O.D.'s "Goodbye for Now".  She's even in the video(She shows up at around 3:25.)

KATE UPTON'S great-great grandfather co-founded the Whirlpool appliance company.

ASHLEY GREENE from the "Twilight" movies practices mixed martial arts.

One of SARAH JESSICA PARKER'S ancestors was accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.  But the courts dismantled before she could be tried.

NICOLE KIDMAN is afraid of butterflies . . . a condition known as lepidopterophobia.