Remember the stir caused by the supposed sexual "subliminal messages" in Disney movies? I'll admit I watched the balcony scene from Aladdin over and over,  and finally did hear Aladdin mutter to the tiger "Good teenagers, take off your clothes"-- it's in there, I swear! Well, something like that is happening with a toy on shelves this Christmas season. If you're out and about shopping today, you might want to avoid the dolls that some are claiming have a swearing problem.

The 'You and Me Play and Giggle Triplets,' are being sold exclusively at Toys R Us stores.  The three adorable dolls are motion and voice activated to giggle, babble, and you know, say things like "Ok, Crazy Bitch."

Well, that is what some people are hearing. Upon receiving complaints, Toys R Us issued a statement saying they would not sell anything with profanity of any kind any that what you're hearing is just baby talk.

What do you think? Do these baby dolls have potty mouths?