Glitter, cowboy hats and boots, bright posters and summer dresses filled the streets downtown Grand Rapids for Taylor Swift's performance at Van Andel Arena.  Can I just say that all of you were absolutely gorgeous?  What a classy group of fans follow Taylor and her music!

A half hour before the party got started indoors ... Channel 957 held a drawing for the last pair of tickets outdoors!  You had to be present to win, and wouldn't you know it, the first number I called was a no show.  Talk about suspense!  I even had butterflies in my stomach!  Then I drew #8099 and Pam Douglas came a runnin' to the front to claim her floor seat tickets.  She's the happy mom I'm posing with in the picture above.

Behind the arena, all sorts of band members came out to sign autographs and Grant - one of Taylor's guitarists - started handing out these really cool guitar picks!  Lisa said she got to meet Taylor and the lyrics on her arm read: "We all learn to make mistakes and run from them" from Channel 957 band Paramore.

Backstage, Taylor had a T-party with a few of you she invited.  When did the inviations go out?  Taylor has friends who spend the afternoon out front the arena she's performing at and her friends randomly ask people backstage.  Isn't that the coolest?

Taylor also has a huge Twitter following -- about 7 million, I think -- and tweeted a picture of that scary looking barrel pig that was a part of Artprize last year and remains hoisted above The B.O.B. along Fulton Street.  She said, 'This is cool Grand Rapids!' Later, Katy Perry commented on it too!

Oh, and before the day is over, I may have a Taylor Swift gift package for my Channel 957 Friends With Benefits to bid on to win so, make sure you become one by the time I post scoop on what's in the gift box, k?  Just click on 'Friends with Benefits' and enter the code: TSwift4LIFE to jump start your account with 5,000 bonus points!