2011 Is No Longer An “Epic Fail”
Every year, there are the words and phrases we are sooooo sick of hearing. Whether it's pop culture or politics, the fine folks at Lake Superior State University have issued their official "Banned Words From The Queen's English" list, based on overuse or misuse...
Mobile Year in Review 2010 [Video]
2010 was the year mobile connected the world. With stunning statistics, facts, and visual cues, this video takes a tour of key consumer and technology mobile trends across an eventful year. Some highlights of the video include:
Top Twitter Trends Of 2010: Bieber Isn’t #1!
Phew, I'm glad that Justin Bieber didn't fall into the top slot of Twitter Trend's for the year.  Not that I have anything against him, it's just nice to see that he isn't on everyone's minds all the time.  The top 10 trends have a few obvious choices; the Haiti earthquake, the World Cup, and of cou…