Get Healthy With A Hula Hoop!
According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-La Cross, working out with a good old fashioned hula hoop is the best thing for your waistline! 
Owning one also helps you save some pennies and doesn't require any maintenance.
Click here for more details...
Laughfest Goes For The Guiness Book Of World Records!
Gilda's Club sure knows how to bring a band of smiles to West Michigan as we continue to battle the cold in anticipation for the annual spring event.
Screen Actors Guild award winner, Betty White, will drop her wisdom during Laughfest 2011 that kicks-off March 10th.
Gilda's Club coordinators…
Vote Today For Your Favorite Ballpark Munchies
The Whitecaps sure know how to grab my attention ... even when I'm in left field half of the time!!
Today through March 4th, you can vote  your top food choices for the new season.
Three of the top ten choices include a Duck, Hog, Frog Dog (yikes! mystery meat??), a Mac 'N Cheese Burger…
Duran Duran Is Making A Comeback!
Double, I can't believe it!  Duran Duran is coming out with a new album and it will be in vinyl form.
Seriously!  Lead singer, Simon LeBon says quote,  'You might as well get the most beautiful, the most unique, the most romantic sort of thing there is...
The Obama’s Are Not Invited To The Royal Wedding!
Are the Obama's NOT welcome at the upcoming royal nuptials between Prince William and Kate Middleton at Buckingham Palace or is this all part of security concerns?
According to The Daily Mail, the Queen invited 40 heads of state via gold-embossed invitations for the April 29 wedding at Westminster Ab…
GRPS Face Cuts With Governor’s New Budget Plan
Everyone of us is aware that Michigan needs a new plan to pull together and start saving money for future needs. 
Pulling purse strings tighter comes with a price from budget cuts for the elderly to school funding.
For example, the Grand Rapids Board-O-Education is facing a $25 millon dollar…

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